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Thank you for highlighting the importance of families in the bullying dynamic. Students with disabilities are more likely to be involved in bullying so your point about being careful with how we describe others as well taken. There's always greater power in numbers when it comes to bullying. It's on all of us to make sure the numbers are on the right side.

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Thank you so much for lifting up the need to support acceptance of ALL children and parents. This is such an important topic always but especially as we move into spring sports and summer camps which I am learning so much more about as the parent of three young children.

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I have always been a fan of Dr. Pressman but after she introduced Kayla Taylor I became a super fan!

In her book, Kayla shares the challenges , heartaches and victories of her bullied child.

Her story gives you hope!

Canaries Among Us is inspiring and a must have tool for us to “raise good humans”.

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I love this. So often when we talk about injustices, we don't talk about the solutions. There were actionable steps in this post that we as parents can take on behalf of our children and all children. Thank you.

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Excellent article. It starts with the parents to make their kids more open minded and conscious, yet not afraid, of differences between one person and another.

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About ten years ago, as a teacher, I became impulsed to raise digital citizenship awareness in the school (in Australia) I was working in. Researching what was in print, it became stark clear to me how little was written for a preteen/young teen audience. Why not empower kids by letting them experience the various angles through the trials and tribulations of same-age main characters set in a riveting adventure story? I wrote The Ten Cyber Secrets, based on Mike Ribble’s 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship for young teens. That was in 2016. Moving on seven years, I’m rewriting it and meanwhile turned it into a trilogy (Team Savv-i series) covering the key topics of Digital Citizenship (now called Cyber Secrets). I will republish (hopefully) by the end of next month, Digital Literacy (Cyber Whispers, sometime mid-year), and Digital Transformation (Cyber Enhancement, early next year).

But writing away and getting feedback from various places, I began a series at the same time for a slightly younger audience. The (single topic, much less complex) novella series is called Bindi & Beam (these main characters continue in Team Savv-i) written for the 8+ audience, and beautifully illustrated by a former student of mine. We just published the first book called - The Web Trap. This book’s theme is tech obsession and the effects it may have on friends and family and is written in a not-so-fairytale setting.

The reason I’m writing all this, apart from raising general awareness of the work :), the next book in the Bindi and Beam series is called The Mauled Mage (all written and edited, but yet needs to be illustrated, should be out by mid-year as well) and dives deep into (cyber)bullying and the dynamics of restorative practice, but not until after the whole emotional ordeal is experienced in a dramatic adventure. In my story, the bully himself has been bullied, and uses bullying as a defense mechanism, forcing another kid to do the dirty work for him. I wanted to generate the awareness that the act of bullying is complex and only through understanding, empathy can emerge. The key to have a shot at resolving bullying incidents, and even gaining from the ordeal.

Having read your post, I feel impulsed to contact Kayla (I bought her book) and ask her for feedback on my story. I feel, she can give invaluable advice to make the story more authentic, despite its fictional narrative. For those who are interested in my work, please visit my website is www.casperpieters.com As an independent author, word-of-mouth is a powerful friend.

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